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New Gluten World (NGW) is a company set up by the University of Foggia, Molino Casillo SpA, a world leader in the transformation of grain, and the lead researcher Carmen Lamacchia. It aims to globally promote a gluten-friendly methodology that will displace current gluten free approaches to the celiac disease in preparation of cereal-based foodstuff. The methodology is patent protected in 105 countries worldwide. NGW’s mission is to break down the nutritional divide, that discriminates celiac patients (who are intolerant and sensitive to gluten) against healthy individuals. Enabling milling companies and producers worldwide to detoxify gluten through the proprietary methodology will progressively overcome the traditional gluten free products and make all individuals part of the gluten friendly revolution.

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Launched in 2010 by a research group in the laboratories of the Department of Agricultural Science, part of the Food and Environment section of the University of Foggia and coordinated by Professor Carmen Lamacchia, the underlying research of the NGW project aims to define the process of detoxification of gluten proteins, allowing the production of flours which, by their nature, can be used for the production of foods possessing the same sensorial and nutritional quality as any other cereal-based product so that anybody may eat them, including celiac patients.

The technological solution has its own peculiarity: rather than removing the gluten from the flour, it only allows to eliminate the toxic component by means of a low-cost chemical-physical process. In this way, the floor maintains all its mechanical, nutritional and sensorial properties. And all comes at a zero environmental impact, easy and cost-effective industrialization, with no use of enzymes or chemicals.

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The gluten-friendly process reconciles technology and the unique nutritional properties of the wheat and guarantees safe eating for celiac-disease patients, providing a significant contribution to overcome the nutritional divide. Indeed, thanks to this process, the celiac patient will not have to undergo any dietary restrictions, but will be able to go back to eating what he/she ate before the onset of the disease, thus reacquiring a state of health not only physically but also psychologically and financially speaking. Essentially, the new gluten friendly approach will provide the real alternative to a expensive and socially restrictive diet based on the currently gluten free products.

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  • Research and Technological Development
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  • Industrial development of patented technology

Awards and Recognition


June 2015 – first place at NutriAwards of Lille (France) as the best innovative process

September 2015 – winner of the category Agrifood Cleantech, Start Cup Puglia 2015

December 2015 – winner of the PNI and the Life Science category

September 2016 – winner of the “prize of prizes” within the National Innovation Day organized by COTEC Foundation at the Quirinale


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Prof. Carmen Lamacchia:

europaThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732640